South africa paypal account in nigeria

How To Create A South Africa PayPal Account That Send And Receive Fund In Nigeria

We all know that Nigerian PayPal account do not receive fund but can only send fund, this makes it difficult for it to be used for online businesses aside for paying for goods and services. I have thought about this a lot so I decided to research on it and discovered a way out and […]

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The Google Assistant

Ways Google Assistant Can Keep You Safe in Cars

The Google Assistant: As indicated by the US Department of Transportation, approximately 10 percent of all deadly vehicle crashes are caused by distracted driving—and 14 percent of those are specifically caused by cell phone use. With this sort of risk, a solution like the Google Assistant could significantly lessen your risk of causing significantly in […]

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Hidden Facebook features

Top Ten Facebook Hidden Features – You surely not aware

Hidden Facebook features: Facebook is a company who is continually experimenting and including new features. Whether it’s introducing enormous changes for example replacing your wall with timeline or small changes like changing the icon of setting tabs. And keeping in mind that most of the times you become acquainted with updated features easily. Even sometimes […]

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