5 Steps To Have An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

I personally get irritated when somebody sends me numerous emails in short period time-frame and I do believe nearly everybody gets irritated also. In some cases putting ourselves in your client’s shoes makes a difference. I often send regular messages and the frequency depends on my audience.  Becoming more acquainted with your audience is vital […]

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Reasons You are Not Seeing Results from Social Media

3 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results from Social Media

It is frustrating once you’re not seeing results from social media. It appears like everybody else is growing a following and you’re stuck getting just perhaps a follower daily and you are not seeing any change to your bottom line. Social media provides us access to unlimited customers worldwide however that doesn’t mean instant cash. […]

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How to Use Social Media marketing to Make Your Business Successful

How to Use Social Media to Make Your Business Successful

Do you remember the days when a businesses’ marketing plan composed of a newspaper ad and a Yellow Page listing? Those have been substituted by social media platforms that entrepreneurs and companies can employ to create engagement, trust, brand recognition and, ultimately, profit! However, the rules have evolved as well, and there are separate rules […]

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