Importance of a blog on your career

Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and Life

Importance of a blog on your career: There is no resounding romance and attempting to connect passion to it is a struggle. The word “Blog” sounds dull to me. I see dreams of over-sharers wrestling with technology to publish the mundane elements of their regular day to day lives … yet perhaps that is Facebook. […]

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Hidden Facebook features

Top Ten Facebook Hidden Features – You surely not aware

Hidden Facebook features: Facebook is a company who is continually experimenting and including new features. Whether it’s introducing enormous changes for example replacing your wall with timeline or small changes like changing the icon of setting tabs. And keeping in mind that most of the times you become acquainted with updated features easily. Even sometimes […]

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Being successful online

Reasons Why You Are Yet Successful From Online Business

The idea of being successful online intrigues you probably, however you haven’t gotten there yet because of  these four possible reasons: #1. You are not sure you can do it. This is the major reason why you haven’t made it online because you’re not sure you can be someone like Linda and even surpass her. Those who are being […]

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